Alpha-2-Macroglobulin, more commonly known as A2M, is a type of regenerative therapy offered at Texas Partners Healthcare Group that is designed to treat osteoarthritis and inflammation. If you are someone who has chronic joint pain and have tried other forms of treatment without success, A2M may be a great option. Many people who live in pain experience it in their arthritic joint or disc space, which can be too much for the body to handle. With A2M, the body will use a natural process to stop these damaged joints or disc spaces from further degenerating.

How Does it Work?

We like to look at the A2M molecule as the body’s own defense mechanism, as it is a preexisting molecule found in the blood, naturally produced by the liver to remove any proteases that are present because of tissue breakdown within the joint or disc space. Some refer to A2M as the “miracle molecule”, as it can attach to remove destructive proteins in the joint and stop any cartilage breakdown. It works by binding to the enzymes (or proteases) that are attacking the cartilage cells and tissue.

Patients often ask us why this procedure is necessary if the body naturally produces A2M. While A2M is found in the joints and disc space, it is usually not enough to take care of the harmful proteases that are causing cartilage breakdown or pain. This is why a simple A2M injection can be the answer you are looking for. Individuals suffering from osteoarthritis are some of the best candidates for A2M because the main culprit of cartilage breakdown is proteases, which is the enzyme that breaks down proteins and peptides. With A2M regenerative therapy, these destructive proteases will be stopped before they can do any further damage to the joints.


A2M injections at Texas Partners Healthcare Group are done with a concentrated dose that is approximately six times as strong as what is naturally occurring in your blood. When this strong injection is placed into the joint in question or disc space, it attaches to and destroys any proteases that are connected with cartilage and tissue breakdown.

Why Early Treatment is Important

Early treatment is your best option for a full recovery. If you notice early signs of joint destruction, or if you have been living in chronic pain, we encourage you to contact Texas Partners Healthcare Group today and schedule an appointment. Early A2M treatments may stop aggressive arthritis in its tracks, taking away your need for joint reconstruction or replacement surgery.

This cutting-edge type of regenerative therapy is something we are proud to offer to our patients. We have locations in Allen, Flower Mound, Frisco, Dallas, or McKinney and would be happy to schedule an appointment for you.