In recent years, we have learned amniotic fluid contains numerous regenerative properties. Pure amniotic fluid injections are a minimally-invasive, surgery-free solution that have been proven to help regenerate damaged tissues thus being one of the most powerful forms of treatment for those who suffer from chronic pain as a result of injury or illness. Today, amniotic fluid injections help repair and regenerate injuries from chronic pain, sports injuries, and arthritis as opposed to surgery.

What is An Amniotic Fluid Injection?

Amniotic fluid (AF) injections utilize an all-natural and potent concentration of proteins, collagens, hyaluronan, cytokines, and growth factors, all of which work together to promote healing. We have seen firsthand how amniotic fluid injections can help regenerate damaged tissues and cells. One of the main reasons this type of injection is so effective is because it contains more than 200 growth factors and active peptides. Furthermore, there are no live stem cells, dead tissue, or debris in this product as it is meant to support your body during the natural healing process. Once injected, the fluid begins recruiting cells to do the healing, encouraging the body to repair itself and free the patient of pain.


What Are the Benefits of Amniotic Fluid Injection?

Some of the top benefits of amniotic fluid injection include:

  • It is a safe alternative to surgery and other traditional forms of treatment
  • It is both anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial
  • It can reduce a patient’s recovery time
  • It contains more than 200 growth factors
  • It is natural and drug-free

Amniotic fluid injections can be used to effectively treat back pain, sports injuries, ligament tears or sprains, painful joints, arthritis, soft tissue injuries, and spinal injuries. To learn more about whether this type of therapy is right for you, please contact Texas Partners Healthcare Group today. AF injections are derived solely from the pure amniotic fluid produced by the body, which is obtained through an elective full-term cesarean section delivery. All donors are screened and must meet the guidelines and requirements set in place by the FDA/AATB.

Please keep in mind that there are no live stem cells in amniotic fluid injections. This form of therapy is designed to enhance and enable the body to repair itself by encouraging cells to start the healing process. To learn more about AF injections at Texas Partners Healthcare Group, please contact one of our clinics today. We have locations in Allen, Flower Mound, Frisco, Dallas, or McKinney and would be happy to schedule an appointment for you.