Exosomes were discovered more than 30 years ago and are produced by nearly every single type of cell present in the body. Exosomes can act as messengers to the rest of the body, carrying information to other cells near and far. Why does this matter when it comes to pain management? For one, these exosomes can transport different proteins, lipids, and growth factors to targeted cells in the body, helping them recover or protect themselves from further damage.

We can use exosome injections to target damaged cells, as the cells easily absorb the exosome, beginning the healing process almost immediately.


Because exosomes are found in virtually all cells, stem cell therapy and injections using them are among the most effective forms of treatment. One of the most accessible types of primary cells is Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). MSCs also produce high amounts of exosomes, allowing them to reconstruct, regenerate, and repair damaged parts of the body. Perhaps the most groundbreaking part of exosomes is that they reflect the properties of their source cells, meaning they can be extremely effective if taken from younger cells.

At Texas Partners Healthcare Group, we strive to offer a wide range of services and therapies to give patients the opportunity to live free of pain. We offer exosome injections as well as topical applications, giving patients relief they are looking for in a shorter time frame.

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